Team coaching is a 6–12 month process that develops a team's capacity to deliver sustainable, inspired high performance. Guided by an external facilitator, team coaching: Taken collectively, these guiding principles ensure that by the end of the team coaching process, the team has achieved a measurable business impact and cultivated the self sufficiency to steer its own ongoing development.

Sustainable Success' team coaching practice includes specialization in leadership teams, project teams, cross-functional teams, and newly forming teams.


Sustainable Success' Team Coaching practice works with teams across a broad spectrum of strategic business initiatives that are characterized by high pressure deadlines and deliverables. Our portfolio of client engagements in this realm includes teams chartered with: leading and/or implementing new technology applications, developing new products, re-engineering business processes, and merging organizations.

Research shows that 70% of change initiatives fail to achieve their desired results. Sustainable Success' Team Coaching approach offers an "insurance policy" that minimizes the risk of unsustainable outcomes, cost overruns, missed deadlines, inferior quality, and team member burnout. Team coaching can be applied at multiple touchpoints in a project lifecycle. Newly forming teams benefit from actively planning how they will work together to optimize team performance. Veteran teams that engage in team coaching will infuse their work with renewed energy, innovation, and enthusiasm.